Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

Tonight just before bed, somebody mentioned that it was Friday the 13th.  I honestly didn't realize that until they said so.  But today, just like every other Friday the 13th I've taken note of since middle school, was an exceptional day!  Our house had its first showing at 10 a.m.  I woke up at 5 a.m. (can't say that part was exceptional), drug out of bed at 5:45, and began some extras to get the house ready.  The kids followed me out of bed early, so we actually had some time to kill before we had to leave the house.  It was a sunny day here, but only 23 degrees in the morning.  We went to the library.  The kids and I had a great time ~ the girls loved using the childrens' computers they have set up there, and Aaron enjoyed blocks, puzzles and picture books.  They were all quiet and mannerly; it was truly pleasurable.  After that, the sunshine was so nice, I was inspired to clean our car out.  The van really suffers in winter time because I don't ever want to vacuum in freezing temperatures.  It has only been about 2 months since its last vacuuming, but I do believe there were enough crumbs to feed our family for a week if we found ourselves in dire straits. I took the kids and their bikes to the large lot that has coin op vacuums, and they frolicked in the sunshine while I removed the crumbs.  And trash.  And clutter.  And made note that all of the car seats need a deep clean too!  I swung through McD's to grab quick "food", and we ate a picnic lunch in our back yard.  Soon after, it was naptime for Aaron, and he easily fell asleep in my lap while I checked emails and called appraisers.  I got to lay down with him.  After nap, we went to play outdoors with 2 of our favorite Anaconda families ~ and I tried not to think that it might be the last time.  When we moved here not so long ago, we three moms had 3 toddlers and 1 baby among us.  Now our kids combined number 13!!  When playtime was over, it was time to return home to anticipate Daddy's arrival.  Adrian pulled in right behind us; it was a very happy reunion because we hadn't seen him since Monday.  We then had another family over for dinner of pizza, salad and breadsticks, with fudgy brownies & Tillamook ice cream for dessert.  We had awesome fellowship, encouraging one another to focus on Jesus even when life's circumstances aren't so great.  As they were leaving, the date was mentioned and I had to marvel again at what a gracious God we have.  It seems that He has given me extra special Friday the 13ths for years on end, just so that I would flee superstition and believe Him.  I do Lord, I do!

Now it's midnight and though exhausted, I cannot sleep.  I'm hoping this miserable symptom signifies the end of pregnancy.  Adrian says he would be happy if we had the baby tomorrow.  Well, I have plans for tomorrow, but truly would like to be done soon!  We'll see what baby and his/her Creator have in mind.  :)


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  1. Oh, I remember those end of pregnancy emotions oh so clearly. It will be here before you know it. And then you get to snuggle that sweet baby so fresh from God! That is one of my VERY favorite things in this life. I am excited for you! I just hope that baby comes on a good day, when you feel ready, and life isn't too crazy! :)