Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We have toured 15 or more properties.  

One of the 3 that broke our hearts by going under contract last week came back on the market Monday, so we got to see it.  It is a beautiful home in an amazing setting.  Adrian got so excited about it yesterday that we made an offer after seeing it once.  I was less excited about jumping in that quickly, but following his lead, and believing it was a chance that could be yanked away again.  

Then I spent the evening completely upset-- sobbing and worrying and not able to sleep the whole night.  After looking through the HOA covenants, I was really concerned we didn't want to be restricted that much.  It restricted things like no llamas/rabbits, only certain kinds of buildings, no shrubs or fences above 5 feet, no fires.  Honoring me, Adrian called off the offer this morning, before the sellers signed.  I felt terrible for Adrian and the realtor, but was forgiven, picked myself up, and we toured 3 more today.

Now we have seen everything that's within our search criteria in this area.  What was my favorite house Sat/Sun/Mon is now Adrian's favorite, and I'm having hesitations again.  And wishing I had kept my mouth shut about the one we had an offer on.  This whole meant to be or not meant to be thing is getting confusing.  

The moral of the story: DON'T shop for real estate when you are 8 months pregnant!!!

I'm soooo glad tomorrow will be a new day!


  1. Oh I feel for you too, Anna! I'm sure the realtors are used to mind-changes...not that you're worried about their part in it all! Glad you and Ade are working together on it all and have each other to keep balanced and going forward in it all!