Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thurs stats

So many have asked, so I find it easiest to post little updates here while we are in the house hunting phase!  Tonight we had a chance to drive by 3 more properties and give them a thumbs up/down for a showing. 
As of tonight, we have:
7 houses we would like to tour
9 houses we need to drive by, to determine if we need a showing
24 houses we have ruled out

We have a 4+ hour appointment with the realtor tomorrow, and will be seeing the inside of some homes for the first time!  We have a wonderful friend and babysitter who has traveled from her home in Plains to help us out with the kids, so we can focus on these properties without the children underfoot!  I only wish I had brought my snow boots, as we are getting some fresh snow!  This is a perfect time to see properties because they are probably at their "ugliest" of the year: brown yards, barren trees, and mud.  If we like it now, we'll probably love it in summer and winter!  :)

More tomorrow...

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  1. Good luck! We are shopping for a home also, and I understand your frustrations. We had 3 homes we wanted to look at so we had our Realtor make appointments for the next day. One went under contract before we even got to see it, and one went under contract 30 minutes after we saw it. Our Realtor says that we are just heading into what is likely going to be a hot season for buying and selling homes. I am sure you will find just what the Lord has in store for you! Enjoy the journey!