Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Day off.

Adrian went back to work today, but we are still in our "new" location.  I took the day off homeschooling, real estate browsing, and just chilled with the kids in the hotel.  Ella was sick this morning, and my body sure needed the rest.  I was submitted to the possibility of having to return home without finishing the task of finding a home. 

Rest, prayer, Bible reading, and quiet thoughts were so helpful today.  Since we have 2 good options in our hand, we are going to make an offer on the "big" house.  If for some reason God doesn't want us to be there and it falls through, we will promptly make an offer on the "smaller" house (which by the way is 3x the size of the one we're currently living in!).  I am absolutely ecstatic about whichever becomes ours.

I'm glad to be in harmony with my husband tonight after so much rollercoastering, discussion and disagreement.  And thankful to know that God is watching every detail, and He will be orchestrating the outcome, as we have asked!

I'm so glad that no need is too big or too small for the Lord to hear and attend to us for.  Praying especially for Lindsay & Kelvin and Mark & Julie tonight!  May your burden be lighter because of God's grace and our love!  <3

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