Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poor Buddy

Didn't make a post all February?  Wow.  We spent 1 week in Portland and 1 week in Kalispell.  We celebrated Ella's birthday, and hosted a frilly girls' tea party.  All 6 of us battled a respiratory bug; we had baby appointments, homeschool, and church.  Guess I've been too busy to live and blog, too.

Monday night, the food processor blade fell on the floor and Aaron managed to step on it with his bare foot.  He had to have stitches at the ER.  So his injury has taken the spotlight this week!

home from the hospital
Ella helping pass the time by entertaining little brother!
a moment of despair during the no-walking time

changing the bandage is painful/scary
Other than pain during the first 12 hours, it hasn't bothered him since.
By 36 hours, he was walking.
Today he is running.
Stitches come out on the 15th.

March 7 means 9 years since our wedding day!
Ella enjoying an anniversary delivery!!
Adrian took the day off work so we could make a day trip to Missoula.
There, we had an afternoon to ourselves while Gramma Mary watched the kids!
We ate a quick lunch at Subway,
and then walked across the river to the University of Montana
for an hour with Tim Tebow.
It was a beautiful day, and yes, we are still glad to be together!!!  


  1. poor aaron. i sliced my finger on a can sunday afternoon. i probably should have gotten stiches, but it's healing along.
    happy 9th anniv!! i have to grin when i see the picture of you 2 together. this coming from another shortie married to a mr. tall :)

  2. oooh--aaron's owie makes my tummy feel like his face in the picture! sure glad its not hurting him too much anymore! love and miss you!